Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Power Series Active Transducer Systems For Acoustic Ukulele

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Tri-Power Active Transducer Systems
Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Tri-Power Active Transducer Systems take their name from the all-new Tri-Power miniature preamplifier. This uniquely-specified preamplifier not only improves on the audio performance of our earlier designs, but also offers acoustic ukulelists the ability - depending on the gig and circumstances - of powering their Tri Power Active Transducer Systems from one of three different sources.

The All-New Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Tri-Power Miniature Preamplifier

Source 1 - The Tri-Power Battery-Free Power Supply 
Skyinbow Pure Acoustic’s signature battery-free, rechargeable, on-board power supply has been completely redsigned from the ground up for the new Tri-Power Series. By utilising a supercapacitor to store the charge, Skyinbow Pure Acoustic have been able to eliminate the need for conventional batteries, thereby helping to reduce battery waste and environmental damage. 

Charging the supercapacitor is simply a matter of connecting a 9V (PP3) battery to the supplied Battery Recharge cable and plugging that combination into the output socket of the Tri-Power Active Transducer System for a minute or so for a full charge. A fully-charged capacitor provides enough power to run the System for approximately 10 hours of continuous play time.

Source 2 - 48V Phantom Power
The microphone inputs of the vast majority of mixing consoles, audio interfaces and acoustic instrument amplifiers which are available these days are capable of supplying 48V supply phantom power. Originally developed to power condenser microphones, 48V phantom power is now often used as a convenient way of powering preamplifiers, DI boxes and the like.

The major benefit of using 48V phantom power to drive the Tri-Power Active Transducer System is that it allows the player to utilise the System’s electronically-balanced output, which helps to deliver the best possible audio quality.

Source 3 - 9VDC Power
Many acoustic ukulelists who use pickup systems play through effects pedals, multi-effects units and pedalboards of varying size and complexity. Effects pedals and pedalboards are powered, more often than not, by 9VDC power supplies, or can themselves provide that voltage to power additional effects. The ability to power our Active Transducer Systems from 9VDC twas an increasingly common request, making the provision of that facility a no-brainer. 

Supplied with a Tri-Power Active Transducer System is a short adapter cable (the Powerconnect Cable) that not only allows the connection of a 9VDC centre-positive guitar pedal power supply to the system, but also provides an audio signal pass-through.

An optional 9V (PP3) Powerconnect Battery Beltpack that provides an audio signal pass-through and 9VDC battery power is also available.

When a Tri-Power Active Transducer System detects 9VDC power, it first fully charges the on-board supercapacitor and then switches to the 9VDC power source. If the power supply fails for any reason, the Tri-Power Active Transducer System switches automatically to on-board battery power.

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Duo-Power Active Transducer Systems
Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Duo-Power Active Transducer Systems take their name from the all-new Duo-Power miniature preamplifier, which is essentially a Tri-Power preamplifier without the rechargeable supercapacitor power supply 

Creating the Duo-Power preamplifier has allowed us to offer all the audio performance enhancements that define our Power Series preamplifiers at a significantly lower price point to fiddlers and violinists whose recording and performance workflows do not require the presence of an on-board rechargeable power supply.

The Duo-Power Active Transducer System can be powered from either 48V Phantom Power or  9VDC Power  in exactly the same way as a Tri-Power Active Transducer System.   

The All-New Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Duo-Power Miniature Preamplifier

Duo-Power and Tri-Power Power Series Preamplifiers 

For the first time in our history, Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Duo-Power and Tri-Power preamplifiers are being made available separately in both guitar pedal (stompbox) and beltpack form factors. 

This means that not only can we provide Split Active Transducer Systems (separate transducers and preamplifiers), but also that acoustic ukulelists who already own piezo pickups or have them fitted to their instruments, can enjoy the sonic and practical benefits of Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Power Series preamplifiers.

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Power Series Accessories
Accessories include Powerconnect and Battery Recharge cables, and the Powerconnect enclosure and battery beltpack.

Pure Acoustic Handbuilt Transducers
As part of our Split Active Transducer System concept, handbuilt Pure Acoustic piezo transducers are now being made available separately.

This means that not only can we provide Split Active Transducer Systems (separate transducers and preamplifiers). but also that acoustic ukulelists who already possess piezo preamplifiers can now use Pure Acoustic handbuilt piezo transducers with their own preamplifiers.

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* Pure Acoustic Active Transducer Systems sold in the United States & Canada incorporate battery-free technology under licence from Mi-Si Electronic Design Inc

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