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Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Power Series 
Active Transducer Systems, Preamplifiers and Transducers 

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21 August 2022 - Pure Acoustic Ltd is delighted to announce the introduction of the new Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Power Series Active Transducer Systems for all acoustic stringed instruments.

Designed and developed over a multi-year collaboration between an international team of audio electronic engineers and designers, the new Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Power Series Active Transducer Systems incorporate uniquely-specified Pure Acoustic Power Series miniature preamplifier.

This new Power Series preamplifier 
not only delivers an improved audio performance compared to our earlier preamplifier designs, but also allows musicians to choose between powering the new Power Series Active Transducer Systems from either  Skyinbow Pure Acoustic’s all-new, battery-free, rechargeable power supply, 48V phantom power, or an external 9VDC power supply - either mains or battery-powered.

When powered from 48V phantom power - for example when plugged directly into a mixing console or audio interface - the Power Series preamplifier outputs a fully-balanced signal, which ensures maximum signal quality and integrity. 

When the on-board rechargeable power supply or an external 9VDC source is providing the power, a Power Series preamplifier will output an unbalanced signal that is designed to interface with wireless radio systems, DI boxes, effects pedals and the like. The external 9VDC power option is designed primarily for musicians who use effects pedals in performance and in the studio.

Tri-Power Miniature Preamplifier

As its name implies, the new Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Tri-Power System can be powered by all three of the possible sources - its onboard, battery free, rechargeable power supply, 48V phantom power and an external source of 9VDC. 

The new Duo-Power Active Transducer System offers all the audio performance enhancements of the Tri-Power system in a lower-cost package developed for musicians who prefer to plug directly into the inputs of a mixing console or audio interface with 48V phantom power or who play through effects pedals or a pedalboard with a readily-available source of 9VDC power. These musicians do not necessarily  require the Tri-Power’s rechargeable battery circuitry. If battery power is required - for example when compatibility is needed with wireless radio systems - the Duo-Power can be powered by the optional Pure Acoustic Battery Beltpack.

Duo-Power Miniature Preamplifier

To coincide with the introduction of the new Tri-Power and Duo-Power Active Transducer Systems for violin and other bowed string instruments, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern etc., we have decided - for the first time in the history of Pure Acoustic - to make Pure Acoustic our preamplifiers and handbuilt transducers available for separate purchase. 

Violin chinrest-mounted transducers (with or without part-fitted bridges); Carpenter-style jack-mounted transducers; beltpack and pedal format preamplifiers; and endpin-mounted transducers and preamplifiers for guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis etc are either available now, or will be soon.

A Skyinbow Pure Acoustic Power Series Active Transducer System Integrated Into A Violin Chinrest

A full Product and Price List for all new products can be found in our UK and Export Webshops. We will be reopening our Webshops to online orders very soon - in the meantime, if you would like to purchase a Pure Acoustic Active Transducer System, preamplifier or transducer, please contact us directly.

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